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    You may have! Aside from helping others with accessibility challenges by starting up JohnnysPass, Johnny and his Dad run races all over the country and have been featured on ESPN’s E:60, Sportscenter, MSNBC, ABC, NBC Nightly News and the NBC TODAY Show, to name a few. Johnny even was in a commercial made by Under Armour featuring Michael Phelps! To follow Johnny and to learn more, go to www.TeamAgar.com.

    The site is very flexible. You can search for a location just like you would on Google. A site will return results based on what you searched. The location may already have a rating and helpful reviews. If it doesn’t, be sure to add a review once you’ve visited!

    The 5 categories help us average ratings for locations as follows:

    0: Not applicable

    1: Failed – Completely inaccessible

    2: Poor – Limited accessibility

    3: Okay – Acceptable but 1 or 2 minor issues

    4: Good – All criteria acceptable

    5: Great – Truly exceptional in every way

    Evaluating a site is easy! Just search for a location with as much or as little information as you know (just like you would do on Google). There are 5 main areas to evaluate. The best way to rate a site is to make notes as you use the facility or pull up the location on your smartphone. The focus is on Parking, Entry to the facility, Bathroom accessibility, Table accessibility (in restaurants), and Overall accessibility throughout the facility.

    Once you identify a location, you can input a rating based on 5 key categories. We love your comments! It is really the best thing you can do for families or the person in the wheelchair themselves who need to be aware of potential issues. For example, many places will say a bathroom is accessible (according to what is required by law), but getting a powerchair into the stall may be impossible. Knowing that you will need to transfer from your chair is important information to know ahead of time. Once inside a business, if the aisles are too small, or there is no room to get around when the restaurant is busy, that is good information to know before getting to a location.

    Johnny can be reached in the following ways:
    Instagram: team_agarj
    Twitter: agar_john
    Please visit his website at www.teamagar.com