The Peppermill Grill

    Overall: 4.0

    Parking: 5.0

    Access: 4.0

    Bathrooms: 2.0

    Tables: 5.0

    Mobility: 4.0

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    This is an older building in Rockford and a relatively small space inside. There is plenty of parking (a few spots in front) and several spots in back including the adjacent public parking area connected to the area behind the restaurant. Manual doors to enter the restaurant. Bathrooms are very small and the stall is small. You would definitely have to transfer out of a powerchair to get into the bathroom and with a manual wheelchair, there is room to enter the bathroom, but you would have to transfer to get into the stall. Bathroom door swings inward. Table access is very good…plenty of room to pull power/wheelchairs up to the table. General mobility is okay—when they are busy, it can be very tight. However, we have found the Staff to be extremely friendly (having had breakfast here numerous times) and they are helpful in navigating through when it is busy. The food is very good and staff is great…just realize you are going to have some difficulties primarily with the size of the restrooms. (note that on Saturday mornings in the summer when the Farmers’ Market is going on, parking can be a challenge…but people are coming and going regularly…just a heads up you may have a little wait just to get a parking spot)

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    The Peppermill Grill

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