United States Postal Service

    Overall: 3.2

    Parking: 5.0

    Access: 3.0

    Bathrooms: 0.0

    Tables: 4.0

    Mobility: 4.0

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    Lots of parking on the street by the building. This is an old building…there is a long ramp (fairly steep) to get up to the front door. The entry doors aren’t very wide and there are two separate doors you have to go through (the main entry door gets you into a vestibule and then there is another small door to go through to get inside completely). Once inside there is room to get around, but then to exit you have two doors that you must pass through again to get out. No restrooms, but this building is in downtown Rockford where there are public restroom facilities located in the center of town at the Rockford visitor center building.

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    United States Postal Service

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