Wayside Restaurant, Bakery & Creamery

    Overall: 4.4

    Parking: 3.0

    Access: 4.0

    Bathrooms: 5.0

    Tables: 5.0

    Mobility: 5.0

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    Limited handicapped parking but parking lot is huge so you will find a place to park somewhere. Access Entry is good, but be prepared to stand/sit in line as this is a very popular place with good home-made food and lots of it at very reasonable prices. In fact, if it’s your turn to pick up the check this is the place to take the gang. At least one very large accessible unisex bathroom with plenty of room for wheeler and care giver if you need one. HOWEVER, the mirror in this bathroom is place too high up on the wall for any person in a wheelchair to be able to use it to comb their hair or aptly put on lipstick before rejoining their group. Tables are good, and booths can mostly seat a wheeler at the head of the booth. General mobility for wheeler is just as crowded as it is for the vertical patrons given that this is such a crowd pleasing place. An additional plus is the retro music that plays (softly) in the background. Vermonter or visitor, don’t miss this historic eatery.

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    Wayside Restaurant, Bakery & Creamery

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