Jersey Junction

    Overall: 3.0

    Parking: 3.0

    Access: 3.0

    Bathrooms: 3.0

    Tables: 3.0

    Mobility: 3.0

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    We had heard great things about the ice cream at Jersey Junction, and the ice cream itself DID live up to our expectations. I was really disappointed however, that both the indoor and outdoor seating areas were completely inaccessible with my daughter’s power chair. The indoor waiting area where you order your ice cream was also difficult for her to navigate just due to it’s small size. We were able to get in and order our ice cream, but we had to sit on/near a bench outside to eat it. My daughter had a hard time eating without a table. I can’t speak to the bathroom because thankfully she didn’t need to use it, but I suspect they were not accessible either. So, the ice cream was great but I don’t think we’ll go back due to the lack of accessibility.

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    Jersey Junction

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