Snug Harbor

    Overall: 3.2

    Parking: 3.0

    Access: 3.0

    Bathrooms: 2.0

    Tables: 4.0

    Mobility: 4.0

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    Public parking lot…at busy times in the general area, it can be really tough to get a spot near the restaurant. Manual entry doors. Bathroom entry doors swing inward (opening outward would be preferable). Bathroom stall is too small for a wheelchair…you have to transfer the person from their chair into the stall without their wheelchair or powerchair. The restroom is very clean, but the stalls are just too small to be easily used by someone in a wheelchair or worse for a powerchair. Sink accessibility is good. There is room to move throughout the restaurant and on the deck. Tables provide good access for a wheelchair or powerchair.

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    Snug Harbor

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