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    • Bitten By The Bug

      Bitten By The Bug

      March 23, 2018

      My Dad and I have been racing for several years now. We started racing in local 5K’s with my sister, Annie, and I really loved it! We were slow (still are) but it never mattered to us how fast we went….just that we went. For us, it was about being outside, getting some exercise, and […]

    • Oh The Places You’ll Go!

      Oh The Places You’ll Go!

      March 23, 2018

      When I was younger, my Mom always used to read me stories. We had a makeshift “tent” made out of afghans, sheets, barstools flipped upside down, pillows, and the always present flashlight. It was our fort for taking me away on adventures aboard pirate ships, into ancient ruins, and climbing up magic treehouses. I loved […]