Parish Theatre-Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

    Overall: 4.0

    Parking: 3.0

    Access: 4.0

    Bathrooms: 4.0

    Tables: 5.0

    Mobility: 4.0

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    The Parish Theater is located on the corner of Park and Lovell. There is plenty of parking behind the theater and on the street. The entrance doors are manual and open outward. Right inside the doors on the Park Street side is a small elevator that holds one person with walker or wheelchair. It moves right up to the main floor and assistants are quickly available. Because the way the theater is structured, seating is available in the top rows. It is suggested that when purchasing tickets, to let the seller know that you have special needs and they will be ready to assist you when arriving. Both entry and stall doors open inward, but bathroom is large enough to maneuver if necessary.

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    Parish Theatre-Kalamazoo Civic Theatre

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