Cinco de Mayo

    Overall: 3.0

    Parking: 3.0

    Access: 3.0

    Bathrooms: 3.0

    Tables: 3.0

    Mobility: 3.0

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    Parking is along the street in downtown Rockford. There are a few spots but at busy times, parking gets very tough. Manual entry doors to get inside. At busy times, it can be tough getting around inside as the tables and chairs are pretty close. Lots of booths along with tables (only tables are really accessible for a wheel/power chair. Bathroom door swings inward which can make it difficult to exit without assistance. Bathroom is large enough for any type of chair. Avoid the busiest times (we know that is when people typically want to eat), but if you go early, you can get one of the nearby parking spots and also it is much easier getting around inside.

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    Cinco de Mayo

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