Morey Courts Recreation Center

    Overall: 4.8

    Parking: 5.0

    Access: 5.0

    Bathrooms: 4.0

    Tables: 5.0

    Mobility: 5.0

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    Plenty of parking, automatic doors to enter the facility. Public restroom only has 2 stalls and only 1 of those is large enough for a handicapped person. There is a locker room for members of the facility…we were allowed to use those facilities which is what we would recommend you do…the members locker room has a large stall that will allow a wheelchair and/or powerchair. Plus, the line while waiting if an event is going on is going to be an issue in the public restrooms. Also, this restroom door swings outward facilitating unassisted exiting from the restroom. Tables by the concession area are very accessible. Also, the stands in place for basketball games are spread apart so that there is plenty of area for people in wheelchairs / powerchairs to get around and find a place to watch the game.

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    Morey Courts Recreation Center

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