The Barn Theatre

    Overall: 3.6

    Parking: 3.0

    Access: 4.3

    Bathrooms: 4.3

    Tables: 4.3

    Mobility: 2.0

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    Where is the handicap parking . I have had an illness and not able to walk up the hill on either side . We have been directed to park in grass half way down . Have a handicap parking tag . We enjoy the shows so much . The best theatre And actors . Staff very nice very helpful . We have been to New York theaters and many other theaters in Indiana, but the best is The Barn Theatre . I have used the golf cart and that is so nice for me . I walk with wife assistance to paved road and get the golf cart near box office . Would like to park closer to the front of the theater if possible. Is there a handicap parking area for people like me . Thank You James Spurgeon

    James Spurgeon

    The Barn Theatre is located out in the county near Augusta, Michigan. There is handicap parking available. They also provide transportation for anyone who needs help in walking from their car to the entrance. There are paved walkways to the side entrance and people in wheelchairs can enter there and seating is available close by. When ordering tickets, mention that wheelchair seating is needed. The bathroom is near the side entrance and is easily accessible. Both doors open inward. but there should be enough room to enter and exit. The entrance door to the theatre opens outward and there is a person taking tickets to help with the door.

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    The Barn Theatre

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