Ladder 1 Grill

    Overall: 4.4

    Parking: 4.0

    Access: 3.0

    Bathrooms: 5.0

    Tables: 5.0

    Mobility: 5.0

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    Parking can be tight at times as this is a very GOOD and popular restaurant. Access Entry: Absolutely accessible however the asphalt slope is quite broken up. If you’ve got someone to push your chair no problem. If you’re a wheeler that likes a bit of a challenge no problem. But it’s definitely worth it. Food is GREAT. Bathroom is Large, and private. Easily accommodates the wheeler and care-giver if you need one. I give this place a A- . If they fix the asphalt slope into the restaurant I’ll give them an A++. This place has everything I love about restaurants; visually pleasing and constantly changing for the better. The fun and often beautiful decor changes to celebrate each holiday and season. Extensive menu of mouth watering offerings where every patron, of all taste bud persuasions and financial abilities can find something to fill their tummy and make them smile.

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    Ladder 1 Grill

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