Steelcase Inc

    Overall: 4.4

    Parking: 5.0

    Access: 4.0

    Bathrooms: 4.0

    Tables: 4.0

    Mobility: 5.0

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    The Steelcase Global Headquarters building is truly exceptional and could be a “poster child” for accessibility features. The pictures below show alot of the detail, but to summarize: there is great parking close to the building, easy ramp to get up to the door, automatic doors to the left of the revolving doors, exit doors to the back side of the building are also automatic, the elevators are located to the left of the reception desk and easily accessible. Bathrooms are also exceptional…automatic doors to get in and get out, the bathroom is large, the handicap stall is large as well. Sink access is excellent and water turns on automatically. Overall, Steelcase has done a fantastic job of making this building handicap friendly.

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    Steelcase Inc

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