Pilot Travel Center

    Overall: 3.8

    Parking: 4.0

    Access: 3.5

    Bathrooms: 3.5

    Tables: 4.0

    Mobility: 4.0

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    Plenty of parking located right next to the building. Manual entry doors to enter the building. Bathroom door swings inward making it potentially difficult for unassisted access. Aisle way to the sink area. Stall is large and should be able to accommodate powerchair pulling straight in next to the toilet. Sink is accessible.

    Combined Pilot Travel Center and Subway restaurant located in this building. Two handicap parking spaces close to the main door. Manual entry doors to the building. Bathrooms are large with plenty of space for a wheelchair. Getting a powerchair into the stall wouldn’t work (you will have to be able to move a few feet to get into the stall if using a powerchair). Sink has good accessibility. Bathrooms were kept very clean and are really nice. Tables at Subway are fine. Overall, there is plenty of room to get around the Travel Center and Subway.

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    Pilot Travel Center

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