Enchanted Forest

    Overall: 3.2

    Parking: 3.0

    Access: 3.0

    Bathrooms: 4.0

    Tables: 4.0

    Mobility: 2.0

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    The Enchanted Forest is set on a hill, and a sign at the entrance correctly states that it may be tough to navigate with a wheelchair. My daughter has a manual wheelchair that I usually push for her, and it was very difficult to control without feeling like she and the chair were going to go flying down a hill. It was scary! Fortunately, the paths are paved, bathrooms accessible, and many tables are on level ground. Between navigating the hilly paths, a few places are level. A jogging stroller does much better here than a wheelchair. Some of the things to do and see are accessible, but many are not due to stairs, steps, and small tunnels. This is a fun place that my typical kids enjoy, but next time I will either leave my special needs daughter with her grandparents or bring her in a jogging stroller.

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    Enchanted Forest

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