Meijer Gas Station

    Overall: 3.0

    Parking: 3.0

    Access: 3.0

    Bathrooms: 3.0

    Tables: 3.0

    Mobility: 3.0

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    Great location for accessibility! Meijer is typically a great place to know you have excellent accessibility in all areas. To get gas, if you don’t want to/can’t leave your car, you can press the handicap button on the pump for assistance. Entry doors are manual (the only minor item noted). Handicap parking is to the right side of the building. Bathroom is very large, good for any type of mobile chair. (Plus you can typically count on Meijer to keep bathrooms clean). Sink is accessible and soap and hand dryer are as well. Door swings outward which makes it much easier for unassisted exiting if you are in a mobile chair.

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    Meijer Gas Station

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